Our company "MODELERA" has developed a completely new toy set, that’s target audience is children and young teens. Many parents are concerned that their children spend too much time on the internet or are glued to their phones. Although, children gain much valued knowledge from technologies, many of them lose elementary skills to create shapes or figures with their hands.

We experimented with different materials and figurine options, improved them and used the opportunity to observe the children's attitude at Kekavas and Smardes schools. Many children's interest and active participation convinced us once again that we are on the right track. This cooperation has created a product, which will combine new technologies and modelling clay sculpting classes. Thus, children could find images of a desired character on the internet and create it with their own hands.

Modelera modelling clay sculpting kits @modeleratoys
Boy Figurine Sculpting Kit - @modeleratoys

Our toy set includes 8 quality, basic colour modelling clay pieces, 3 specially designed, 11-12cm tall figurines of boys or girls, a plastic shaping tool and a thorough, easy to follow guide with instructions on how to get started and then find inspiration from given examples of complete figurines. The box also includes a card with a registration code, if you decide to use the opportunities offered by our website modelera.lv.

Figurines that resemble mannequins, stand on a round pedestal, but their bodies are relatively plastically and offer the ability to move all arm joints. Complete, modelling clay covered figurines will enable the ability to portray any hand movement, which means that your child will be free to improvise with form and will improve their fine motor skills, develop their sense of style, colour and accuracy.


In addition, during this activity, you will be able to visit our website and register with a special code, watch a variety of video tutorials, ask questions and receive answers in each case. Your child will be able to draw inspiration from other children’s exhibited work as well as send in photos of their own work to be presented in a gallery. This way they will be able to communicate with peers of similar interests through us. Cooperation, after the purchase of a toy set will continue and develop, because this experiment is only the start. Your children's skills will improve and you will also become participants of the educational process. You will be able to change and build the future guidelines of this project. It will be a dialogue...

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